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DATA   Autoare/Autor Titlu
13.07.2010 Eve Ensler Monoloagele Vaginului
20.07.2010 Erzsebet Galgoczi Another Love
27.07.2010 Monique Wittig The Lesbian Body
05.08.2010 Jeanette Winterson Scris pe trup
10.08.2010 Tristan Taormino (coord.): Kate Bornstein, Pat Califia Best lesbian erotica 2000: “The Little Macho Girl”, “The Angel at the Top of My Tree”
14.09.2010 Haruki Murakami Iubita mea Sputnik
21.09.2010 Gloria Anzaldúa (coord.) Making Face, Making Soul/Haciendo Caras: Creative and Critical Perspectives by Feminists of Color (selectii)
12.10.2010 Virginia Woolf A Room of One’s Own
19.10.2010 Ariel Levy “Either/Or: Sports, sex, and the case of Caster Semenya”, “Lesbian Nation: When gay women took to the road”
26.10.2010 Frederique Delacoste & Priscilla Alexander (coord.) Sex Work: Writings by Women in the Sex Industry (selectii)
02&09.11.2010 Radclyffe Hall The Well of Loneliness
23.11.2010 Elfriede Jelinek The Piano Teacher
30.11&07.12.2010 Fadia Faqir Ma numesc Salma
14.12.2010 Sandra Lee Bartky Femininity and Domination: Studies in the Phenomenology of Oppression (selectii)
15.02.2011 Susan Bordo “Cassie’s Hair”
22.02.2011 Jean Rhys Wide Sargasso Sea
01.03.2011 diversi “Being a mother isnt always a choice, not yet.”, “No Kidding: Putting Voluntary Sterilization in a Historical Context”, “Mothers and blorts! Fight the power!”, “How to explain desire”, “Avortul: ‘ultima solutie’ in loc de ‘singura solutie’”, “Romania avortata”, “Despre avorturi şi (lipsa de) educaţie sexuală” + vizionare film: The Prefab People
08.03.2011 intalnire deschisa: Semnificatia zilei de 8 martie dintr-o perspectiva feminista
15.03.2011 Saba Mahmood “Feminism, Democracy and Empire: Islam and the War on Terror”
22&29.03.2011 Carol J. Adams The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-vegetarian Critical Theory (selectii) + “Talking Through Feminist Critiques of PETA: A Call for Animal Rights to be a Project of Media and Culture Studies Scholars”, “PETA is about as feminist as it gets.”, “The State of the Movement”
05&12.04.2011 Dossie Easton & Catherine A. Liszt The Ethical Slut
26.04.2011 Karim Ainouz (regizor) Madame Sata (vizionare film)
03.05.2011 Rose Tremain + diversi regizori Sacred Country + vizionare filme: Ma Vie en Rose, Pashke and Sofia, Two Spirits
24&31.05&11.06.2011 Julia Serano Whipping Girl (selectii)
18.06.2011 Carmen Musat-Coman Cum s-a facut de-am ramas la cratita
02&09.07.2011 Ilinca Bernea Legende androgine
29.10.2011 Andreea Chirica + Radu Pavel Gheo & Dan Lungu (coord.) Year of the Pioneer + Tovarase de drum. Experienta feminina in comunism (selectii)
05&12.11.2011 Iris Marion Young On Female Body Experience (selectii) + “What Has Feminists Seeing Red?” de Adina Nack
19.11.2011 Merl Storr (coord.) Bisexuality: A Critical Reader (selectii) + “Bisexuality Does Not Reinforce the Gender Binary” de Julia Serano
03.12.2011 diversi Discutii despre Sit-in-ul de la Facultatea de Istorie, UniBuc: “Cum am ocupat aseara Facultatea de Istorie”, “De veghe in Universitate: de trei nopți, studentii incearca sa scoata invatamantul din adormire”, “O zi in amfiteatrul Vasile Parvan. Studentii isi petrec a treia noapte in facultatea de istorie ocupata”, “Ocuparea facultatii de istorie s-a incheiat: Text final dupa 100 de ore”, “Lectie de democratie la Facultatea de Istorie”, “100 de ore de ocupare la Facultatea de Istorie” + “A fost sau n-a fost?” de Vlad Stoicescu si Oana Dan + “Why Misogynists Make Great Informants” de Courtney Desiree Morris
10.12.2011 Jeanette Winterson + Rebecca Walker + Phyllis Chesler + Gail Lewis + Jere E. & Courtney Martin + Luce Irigaray “All about my mother”, “How my mother’s fanatical views tore us apart”, “The mother-daughter wars”, “Birthing Racial Difference: conversations with my mother and others”, “Letter to My Daughter” & “Letter to My Mother” + “And the One Doesn’t Stir withouth the Other”
14.01.2012 Panait Istrati Chira Chiralina
22.01.2011 Iana Matei + Catalin Mitulescu (regizor) De vanzare: Mariana, 15 ani + vizionare film: Loverboy
28.01.2012 Nap Toader (regizor) Italiencele (vizionare film)
18&25.02.2012 Audre Lorde Zami: A New Spelling of My Name
03.03.2012 Lizzie Borden (regizoare) Born In Flames (vizionare film)
10&17.03.2012 Sofi Oksanen Purge/Purificare
31.03.2012 Phillip Noyce (regizor) + Alison Bartlett (coord.) Rabbit Proof Fence (vizionare film) + Outskirts vol. 23, Nov 2010 Post Apology Australia: Articles On Symbolic Speeches, the Landscape of Apology (selectii)
07.04.2012 Sherman Alexie “What Sacagawea Meant to Me”, “The Approximate Size of My Favourite Tumor”, “I Hated Tonto (Still Do)”
14.04.2012 Chris Eyre (regizor) Smoke Signals (vizionare film)
21&28.04.2012 Gloria Anzaldúa & Ana Louise Keating Interviews/Entrevistas (selectii)
05&12.05.2012 Sorana Gurian + Bianca Burta-Cernat Intamplari dintre amurg si noapte + Fotografie de grup cu scriitoare uitate: proza feminina interbelica (Introducere + Capitolul “Sorana Gurian – proza experientelor-limita”)
02.06.2012 Stephanie Black (regizoare) Life and Debt (vizionare film)
09.06.2012 Jamaica Kincaid A Small Place
16&23.06.2012 Cynthia Enloe Bananas, Beaches and Bases (selectii)
07.07.2012 Cynthia Enloe + Carol Cohn & Cynthia Enloe + Dan Ginsburg & Cynthia Enloe The Curious Feminist (selectii) + “A Conversation with Cynthia Enloe: Feminists Look at Masculinity and the Men Who Wage War” + “War, Militarism, and Gender: An Interview with Cynthia Enloe”
10.11.2012 Maya Angelou Letter to My Daughter
17.11.2012 Greta Gaard + Mary Daly + Ida Hammer “Towards a Queer Eco-feminism” + Gyn/Ecology (intro) + “Transphobia and Pseudo-allies”
24.11.2012 Nira Yuval-Davis + Joane Nagel Gen si Natiune / Gender and Nation & “Theorising Idendity: Beyond the “Us” and “Them” Dichotomy”, “Nationalism, Racism and Gender Relations”; “What Is “Transversal” Politics”, “Nationalist Projects and Gender Relations” + “Masculinity and nationalism: gender and sexuality in the making of nations” (cerc deschis in deplasare la CEILALTI NOI, spatiul Platforma)
01.12.2012 Inga Muscio Cunt: A Declaration of Independence (cap. “Reproductive Control for Cunts”)
08.12.2012 Lauren Berlant + Sara Ahmed “Cruel Optimism; The Female Complaint” + “Happy Objects”
22.12.2012 Ana Maria Sandu Fata din casa vagon
08.12.2012 Kim Longinotto (regizoare) Shinjuku Boys (vizionare film)
05.01.2013 Charlotte Perkins Gilman + Ann-Barbara Graff + Sari Edelstein + Susan Lanser The Yellow Wallpaper + “Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935) The Quest for Human-ness” + “Charlotte Perkins Gilman and The Yellow Newspaper” + “Feminist Criticism, ‘The Yellow Wallpaper,’ and the Politics of Color in America”
12.01.2013 Laura Agustin Sex at the Margins: Migration, Labor Markets and the Rescue Industry
19.01.2013 Laura Agustin + Elizabeth Bernstein + Teela Sanders “Sex as Work and Sex Work” + “Temporarily Yours: Intimacy, Authenticity and the Commerce of Sex” + “Sexing Up the Subject: Methodological Nuances in Researching Female Sex Industry”
26.01.2013 Stefania Mihailescu Din istoria Feminismului romanesc (introducerile volumelor 1 si 2)
09&16.02.2013 Robert Levy Ana Pauker, the Rise and Fall of a Jewish Communist
23.02&02.03.2013 Userul “shaxophile” pe LiveJournal + diversi “The Female Gaze and Male Gays – Exploring Slash Fanfiction in Online Communities and Feminist Contexts” + diverse povesti fanfic/slash
09&16.03.2013 Tamara Faith Berger Maidenhead
23.03.2013 Gellu Naum Zenobia
30.03&06&13.04.2013 Arundhati Roy Dumnezeul lucrurilor marunte / The God of Small Things
20.04.2013 diversi “The ‘Post-coloniality’ of the God of Small Things” de Jean-Pierre Durix + “Public Power in the Age of Empire” & “Capitalism: A Ghost Story” de Arundhati Roy + “Arundhati Roy on exclusion, feminism and resistance movements” & “Arundhati Roy: ‘They are trying to keep me destabilised. Anybody who says anything is in danger’”
27.04.2013 Chandra Talpade Mohanty Feminism without borders: decolonizing theory, practicing solidarity, chapt. 1 & 2
04.05.2013 Chandra Talpade Mohanty Feminism without borders: decolonizing theory, practicing solidarity, chapt. 3 – 9
18.05.2013 Radu Mihaileanu (regizor) La source des femmes (vizionare film)
25.05.2013 Mimi Thi Nguyen + Sara Ahmed “Riot grrrl, race, and revival” + The Promise of Happiness: Introducere
01.06.2013 Michael Glawogger (regizor) + diversi Whore’s Glory (cerc deschis cu ocazia Zilei Internationale a Lucratoarelor si Lucratorilor Sexuali: vizionare de film + “How to Be an Ally” de la Sex Workers Outreach Project & “How to Be an Ally to Sexworkers” de pe blogul The Life and Works of Olive Seraphim)
15.06.2013 Stephen Chbosky (scriitor/regizor) The Perks of Being a Wallflower (carte + film)
22.06.2013 Nicola Griffith Ammonite