20 iulie 2013: the help

sambata 20 iulie, ora 16:00
str. gh. mandrea nr. 4

reluam cercul sambata asta, ne vom uita la filmul The Help. the_help01
*acest grup este women & trans* only, detalii aici.

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  1. cercul-de-lecturi-feministe

    doua comentarii despre film:

    — o scrisoare deschisa din partea Association of Black Women Historians criticand diversele stereotipuri la care apeleaza “The Help”: “We respect the stellar performances of the African American actresses in this film. Indeed, this statement is in no way a criticism of their talent. It is, however, an attempt to provide context for this popular rendition of black life in the Jim Crow South. In the end, The Help is not a story about the millions of hardworking and dignified black women who labored in white homes to support their families and communities. Rather, it is the coming-of-age story of a white protagonist, who uses myths about the lives of black women to make sense of her own. The Association of Black Women Historians finds it unacceptable for either this book or this film to strip black women’s lives of historical accuracy for the sake of entertainment.” http://www.abwh.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2%3Aopen-statement-the-help

    — si un interviu cu Viola Davis si Octavia Butler de catre Tavis Smiley pe canalul de televiziune publica PBS, si o dezbatere infocata, in care cele doua actrite comenteaza ideea ca aceste roluri ar fi pe linia de personaj gen “mammy” si ambivalenta unor african americani fata de popularitatea cartii, filmului, personajelor respective: “That very mindset that you have and that a lot of African-Americans have is absolutely destroying the black artist. The black artist cannot live in a place—in a revisionist place—a black artist can only tell the truth about humanity and humanity is messy, people are messy.” http://colorlines.com/archives/2012/02/viola_davis_to_tavis_smiley_in_debate_that_mindset_you_have_is_destroying_black_artists_video.html